"You and your mentors have established rapport with our student participants. This has resulted in increasing their school attendance rate, and has empowered them to be better students."

Timothy Williams

Former Principal,

Humboldt Junior High School​

"PACE has provided students with the tools they need to be safe and successful while in school and the community. PACE has worked with at-risk males, teaching critical thinking and skill building, which has been very helpful to their academic growth."

Zong Vang

After School Coordinator,

Bruce Vento Elementary School​

"We value the work that Past Athletes Concerned for Education (PACE) is providing our youth. We are establishing a community network of helping adults with   resources for overcoming those barriers to their success."

Linda Coleman

Get Ready Minnesota​


About Us

Transforming Tomorrow's Futures Today and the Future of our Youth Tomorrow. 

Past Athletes Concerned about Education (PACE)

About PACE:

Co-founded in 1995, by a group of former student athletes from the University of Minnesota. This program utilizes a mentoring format with a special focus on a diverse group of students and athletes experiencing academic and relevant social issues. Over the years we have expanded our services to mentor and tutor elementary, middle and high school students in the suburban St. Paul and Minneapolis public school system and surrounding areas. The program’s design and concept is unique in that it serves a multicultural group of at-risk preteens and teens. 

P.A.C.E. believes the welfare of a child's self-worth and self-identity are very important to their present and future success. We also have a proactive philosophy...'Intervention is more cost effective then rehabilitation."

PACE is committed to providing “at risk” youth with successful mentoring opportunities, resulting in productive outcomes for their current and future development of social, emotional and intellectual lifelong skills.

Past Athletes Concerned about Education (PACE) provides comprehensive mentoring programs for “at risk” youth in grades 4-11, utilizing empowering methods that result in enhancing and embracing their social, emotional and academic success.

P.A.C.E. Provides our Youth Opportunities to Excel:

These past athletes are concerned about education of our youth and are transforming tomorrow's futures today! ​​Programs to provide youth with a positive alternative to violence, delinquency and addiction.

Program Goals:

  • To provide effective youth programs
  • To improve school attendance of participating youth
  • To improve the behaviors that lead to inappropriate decision making
  • To teach positive problem solving methods
  • To improve the academic motivation and performance
  • To provide ongoing program evaluations and adjustments for success
  • To increase post-secondary aspirations in today's youth

Our life skills programs over the years have resulted in substantial improvements in the lives and learning of our challenged youth. We teach them to be the best you can and help them achieve their dreams.


These mentors are concerned about education of our youth and are transforming tomorrow's futures today!  read more


The program provides comprehensive mentoring/coaching programs for youth ages 10-18. We utilize empowering strategies that enhance and embrace positive social, emotional and educational attributes. read more

Basketball Academies

These past athletes lead basketball academies and camps to focus on teamwork, skills and our youth's confidence  read more